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How to Change Your Wireless MAC Address

When your Mac connects to a wireless network, your Mac is identified by its MAC address. This address allows hotels and other wireless hotspot providers to identify and track your Mac. Read more…

Published 11 November 2014

Fragile Nature of Automator and Watch Me Do

Automator is a tool for creating workflows; sequences of tasks that interact with OS X applications and files. Automator is created by Apple, included with OS X, and has been steadily improved. Read more…

Published 10 November 2014

How to Set Up Reliable Presentations

Having a looping presentation on a television or projector is great for attracting attention. The presentation allows people to learn more even when your hands are full dealing with others. Read more…

Published 25 October 2014

PowerPoint, AppleScript, and Yosemite

There appear to be problems with Microsoft PowerPoint and OS X 10.10. As you may be using Power Manager to automate presentations, these problems will likely affect your schedules. Read more…

Published 24 October 2014

How to Run a Script When Your Mac Powers On

Being able to run a script each time your Mac powers on is surprisingly useful. With a short script, Automator workflow, or AppleScript you can perform repetitive set-up tasks that help make sure your Mac is ready for productive work. Read more…

Published 9 October 2014

Creating a Foundation for Your Events

Power Manager includes a wide range of guided tasks for creating events. These tasks cover many common situations but occasionally creating your own event is required. In this recipe we will cover how to create an empty event and how to build upon it. Read more…

Published 18 September 2014

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