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Signed for macOS 10.12 Sierra

Last week at WWDC, Apple announced that it is now possible to digitally sign disk images. From today, all DssW disk images have been signed. Read more…

Published 20 June 2016

Preparing for macOS 10.12 Sierra

We will be supporting macOS 10.12, the successor to OS X 10.11. As with previous major updates to the Mac operating system, we are working with the developer previews and preparing updates where needed. Read more…

Published 14 June 2016

Power Manager 4.5.3 Released

Today we released Power Manager and Power Manager Pro 4.5.3. This update fixes a bug affecting Gatekeeper. Read more…

Published 17 May 2016

Power Manager 4.5.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Power Manager and Power Manager Pro 4.5.2. This update fixes a few bugs and updates third party frameworks. Read more…

Published 9 May 2016

Towards a Smaller Install Footprint

We recently stopped installing PowerManager.framework as part of Power Manager. This change is part of our move towards reducing the number of files needed on your Mac for Power Manager to work. Read more…

Published 8 April 2016

Activity Audit 1.1.6 Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Activity Audit 1.1.6. This release fixes a bug that could prevent starting and stopping the audit process. Read more…

Published 21 March 2016

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