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How to Run a Script When Your Mac Powers On

Being able to run a script each time your Mac powers on is surprisingly useful. With a short script, Automator workflow, or AppleScript you can perform repetitive set-up tasks that help make sure your Mac is ready for productive work. Read more…

Published 9 October 2014

Creating a Foundation for Your Events

Power Manager includes a wide range of guided tasks for creating events. These tasks cover many common situations but occasionally creating your own event is required. In this recipe we will cover how to create an empty event and how to build upon it. Read more…

Published 18 September 2014

Activity Audit and Battery Report Updates for Mac App Store

Updates to Activity Audit and Battery Report are now available through the Mac App Store. Read more…

Published 28 August 2014

Power Manager 4.3.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Power Manager 4.3.2. This release fixes Keynote auto-play support and improves the Schedule Assistant. Read more…

Published 27 August 2014

Fix for Auto-Play in Keynote 6.2.2

With the update to Keynote 6.2.2, Apple changed the application's AppleScript dictionary. This change stopped some Keynote presentations playing when triggered by Power Manager events. Thankfully the fix is simple. Read more…

Published 26 August 2014

Activity Audit 1.1.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Activity Audit 1.1.5. This release adds support for Apple's forthcoming OS X 10.9.5. Read more…

Published 22 August 2014

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