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Deploying Packages via Sparkle

This week our contribution to the open source Sparkle project was accepted. Once specialised installer package support is now available as standard to Mac developers. Read more…

Published 10 February 2015

How to Power On Your Mac at Sunrise

Ever wanted to wake with the sunrise? With Power Manager your Mac can. Power Manager includes sun observation triggers that let you schedule events at sunrise and sunset anywhere in the world. In this recipe we will walk through how to set this up. Read more…

Published 5 February 2015

Mac360 Reviews Power Manager

Thanks to Jeffrey Mincey, Mac360, for reviewing Power Manager. Read more…

Published 28 January 2015

Power Manager 4.3.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Power Manager 4.3.3. This release adds an astronomic trigger and condition. Read more…

Published 26 January 2015

Inactivity and Idle Time on OS X

OS X has a timer that tracks the last time you moved the mouse, typed a key, or interacted with the computer. This timer is used as the basis of idle time for when your Mac sleeps. Read more…

Published 21 January 2015

Power Manager Professional 4.3.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Power Manager Pro 4.3.3. This release fixes bugs. Read more…

Published 8 December 2014

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