Reduce Your Energy Costs

Our customers save time and money by actively reducing their energy bills and running costs. We can help you reduce your costs and save energy.

Power Manager

Save hundreds of kWh per year, per Mac, with Power Manager.

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Power Manager helps you save energy and automate your Mac like never before.

Not sure where to start? Start with our cookbook of step-by-step Power Manager recipes. These easy guides will help you do more and save more with Power Manager.

How DssW Helps

We make energy saving software for the Mac and iOS. We have been helping homes, businesses, and schools from around the world save energy for over 15 years.

Our products are designed to save you, your home, and your organisation energy. If you want to reduce your energy consumption, use DssW software.

News and Updates

Follow DssW through our blog, Energy Aware, and be the first to learn about new energy saving techniques, updates, and products.