Power Manager

Power Manager is the leading energy saving and automation solution for Mac OS X and iOS.

Power Manager can…

…do all this and much more.

Power Manager reduces the running costs of your Mac. You can save more than just electricity costs; with Power Manager installed you will be able to do more, automate more, and make your Macs a breeze to manage.

Power Manager Professional

Power Manager Professional on Mac OS X. More screenshots.

Save Serious Energy

Power Manager is an energy saving solution for Mac OS X. With Power Manager you can:

  • Power on and off your Mac;
  • Sleep your Mac after inactivity;
  • Launch scripts and tools;
  • Automate complex tasks;
  • Share your schedules with friends and colleagues;
  • Manage your schedule with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Power Manager works by providing a state of the art energy saving engine, and by helping you automate away time consuming tasks. By combining these two approaches, you will save time, energy, and money.

Power Manager will save you time by helping you automate routine tasks. Power Manager provides Mac OS X with a missing essential; the ability to run scripts and applications to a schedule. With Power Manager you can launch AppleScripts, perform back ups, and take control of your Mac without being in the room.

Power Manager will save you energy by reducing the power needs of your Mac. Power Manager’s improved energy saving capabilities extend Mac OS X’s abilities and remove the standard restrictions.

Power Manager will save you money by reducing your bills. For over a decade, Power Manager has been helping customers around the world reduce their running costs. The savings come directly from reduced energy bills, reduced training costs, and improved productivity.

Energy Saving and You

The Power Manager Family

Power Manager

Power Manager

Power Manager schedules and performs your energy saving events.

Power Manager includes:

  • Unrivalled Scheduling Engine
  • Schedule Assistant:
    • Start Up
    • Shut Down
    • Restart
    • Fast User Switch
    • Log Out
    • Sleep For Duration
    • Inactivity Sleep
    • Launch Applications
    • Open Documents
    • Run Scripts
    • Mirror Files
    • More…
  • Event Constraints and Conditions:
    • Time Range
    • Days of the Week
    • Applications Running
    • Full Screen
    • More…
  • Import and Export Schedules and Events
  • Remote Management Support
  • Adjust, Cancel, and Delay Events
  • Status Menu
  • Login Window Notifications
  • Automator Support
  • AppleScript Support
  • Command Line Tools
  • Multiple User Savvy
  • Integrated With Mac OS X
  • Developer Kit Included

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Power Manager Remote


Power Manager Remote lets you control your Mac from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

With Remote you can:

  • Control Power Manager on your Mac via Wi-Fi or the cellular/mobile network
  • Trigger on-demand events
  • View your energy saving schedule
  • Adjust, delay, and cancel queued triggers
  • Enable and disable events
  • View notifications from pending triggers
  • View the client and legal state of Power Manager

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Power Manager Professional


Power Manager Professional is a stand-alone application for creating and managing events, and administering networked Macs running Power Manager.

Professional includes:

  • Create Sophisticated Events:
    • Multiple triggers
    • Multiple conditions
    • Sequences of actions
    • Edit event behaviours
  • Create and Manage Multiple Schedules
  • Create and Manage Licence Groups
  • Manage and Monitor Remote Macs
  • Deploy Schedules Over the Network
  • Create Installers and Ready to Distribute Disk Images

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