action, action, kPMAction — Task to perform.


action structure { type, ... };
type : string, choice


Task to perform.

action describes a process or task to perform.


type. Type of action to perform.

type is a string. type must be one of the following 13 constants:

  • await notification, kPMActionType_AwaitNotification.
  • await power on, kPMActionType_AwaitPowerOn.
  • await relative date, kPMActionType_AwaitRelativeDate.
  • await sample, kPMActionType_AwaitSample.
  • execute external, kPMActionType_ExecuteExternal.
  • fast user switch, kPMActionType_FastUserSwitch.
  • log out, kPMActionType_LogOut.
  • notification, kPMActionType_Notification.
  • restart, kPMActionType_Restart.
  • shut down, kPMActionType_ShutDown.
  • sleep, kPMActionType_Sleep.
  • warn, kPMActionType_Warn.
  • launch application, kPMActionType_LaunchApplication.