Discussions between 03 October 2007 and 21 January 2008.

Battery problems with clamshell iBook

“Recently it's stopped holding charge properl”

MacBook Pro Battery utility?

“Sabs lasts longer than that, but it does shut down randomly without warning.”

Brand New Macbook Pro Battery - $40.00

“I have two MacBook Pro Batteries that I'm trying to sell. They are both brand new and still sealed in their packages.”

Powerbook G4 battery buying advice

“My PowerBook G4 (15" ABook) battery has decided to give up the ghost. I've been looking for a replacement.”

iPod Touch battery life - severe disappointment

“The battery life, however, is unacceptable. It's appalling.”

MacBook Pro battery drain while sleeping

“Put my machine to sleep last night with 41% reading on the battery. Didn't use it at all, up this morning and it's reading 0%.”

What to Do With Battery That Just Arrived

“with the new battery, would it degrade if I let it sit in the box for a while before starting to use it?”

battery backup units

“Is the battery as good as new when it's been sitting on a shelf for two years?”

17" MacBook Pro Battery

“My 17" MacBook Pro Battery has swelled to over double its original thickness. The system is 18mths old.”

30 year batteries, anyone?

“30 year batteries, anyone?”