Mac OS X 10.3 - Panther

Discussions between 23 April 2007 and 19 March 2009.

Fan activity with Leopard

“Since I've made the upgrade from Panther 10.3.9 to Leopard 10.5.6, I have noticed that the Fan activity is bigger”

CPU too hot

“When my iMac G5 works in a very intensive way, it switch suddely in the sleep mode.”

Mac not sleeping

“I'm wondering if there is any third-party software that will ensure the Mac sleeps when I am not using it.”

Powerbook battery question

“can I remove/insert the battery safely when the machine is plugged in?”

Reconnecting on wake from sleep

“But is there a way of doing this virtually, via the keyboard?”

G5 Roars Out of Control

“I will occasionally find it first thing in the morning roaring full blast, with the hard drive and/or fan just spinning continuously at full speed”

Sleep weirdness

“Every time the iMac goes to sleep, it won't wake up.”

G3 iMac and Battery

“The computer now starts and runs fine, but it doesn't hold the date and time again.”

More about sleep problems?

“In every case, the cursor disappears, the keyboard stops functioning. I have to reboot in order to get going again.”

Crash on waking from sleep

“Ever since I installed security update 2007-004 my Titanium Powerbook has been crashing when it wakes from a sleep.”