Power supply

Discussions between 26 November 2007 and 25 January 2008.

Battery Life and Leopard

“I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a drop in battery life with leopard installed.”

iBook G4 Battery Question

“Would a bad battery prevent the laptop from operating normally when the AC adapter is connected”

Battery problems with clamshell iBook

“Recently it's stopped holding charge properl”

12-volt car adapter

“So, are there third-party 12-volt car power adapters for the Macbook?”

MacBook Pro Battery utility?

“Sabs lasts longer than that, but it does shut down randomly without warning.”

Brand New Macbook Pro Battery - $40.00

“I have two MacBook Pro Batteries that I'm trying to sell. They are both brand new and still sealed in their packages.”

will powerbook uk plug adaptor fit airport express?

“Will the (white) adaptor from my powerbook power pack fit this?”

Recommended UPS?

“I know nothing about UPS's so can anyone recommend something that would support two computers for a minute or so?”

Powerbook G4 battery buying advice

“My PowerBook G4 (15" ABook) battery has decided to give up the ghost. I've been looking for a replacement.”

advice on a UPS and surge protector

“Does anyone have recommendations on what to look for? Is there any reason to buy both a surge protector and UPS?”