Discussions between 22 June 2007 and 07 November 2007.

End of battery life! or something else wrong with my PBG4 15"?

“Apple's claim not to sell batteries for that model Powerbook is rubbish.”

G4 powerbook logic board

“I just replaced the logic board on this machine. All went well, except for now the fans run wide open all the time.”

Why Wake Up on USB Activity?

“One thing I've never understood is why Macs wake up from sleep on USB activity. Why is that?”

battery for 12inch powerbook

“are any of the copies any good? it's my main machine so would be nice for it to be moble again.”

Uninterruptible power supply

“I am thinking of getting a UPS, but finding it quite difficult to get the full details of connections, etc.”

PB G4 System/NVRAM battery

“Where is it in the laptop, or how do you change it?”

PowerBook Battery Problem

“With the new battery, the plug switches back and forth between green and amber.”

Powerbook battery won't charge

“my Powerbook battery stopped charging completely, and showed 0% in the tool bar.”

SeaMonkey and sleep mode, with OSX

“Sometimes the machine wakes back up before I even leave the room”

Powerbook G4 DVI: Monitor keeps going to sleep

“When I boot the system the screen is black, The only way I can get the monitor to come on is to close the lid and put the computer to sleep.”