1. I just got my new battery for my powerbook G4 DVI

    Any tips on long life preservance ?

    Is it basically a case of keeping the battery plugged in and charged as often as possible ?

    is there any benefit to discharging then recharging the battery ?

  2. aye aye


  3. It's probably best to follow Apple's guidelines:



  4. Typically, a lithium-ion battery will go bad from internal oxidation in three years. The rate of oxidation depends on temperature and state of charge. Batteries that are fully charged and warm oxidize fastest. Users who keep their laptops plugged in may get only one year from a battery. The worst thing is to keep a charged laptop in a hot car.

    If you normally have an electrical outlet available for your laptop, you can discharge the battery to 40% and keep it in a refrigerator. (Don't freeze it.) It should last many years of intermittent use (when you intend to work away from an outlet).

    High discharge rates shorten the life of lithium-ion batteries, so when on the battery it's better to keep the display as dim as possible and avoid usb-powered peripherals.

    is there any benefit to discharging then recharging the battery ?

    Deep discharging reduces battery life, but the battery gage will get out of calibration if you do not occasionally run the battery down.

  5. thanks.

    so bascially like everything else the less you use it the longer it lasts.

    its an Entropic Universe man .

  6. There's one potential problem with cold storage. If you were to get a lithium-ion battery down around freezing and charge it cold, charging could deposit metal in the wrong place, damaging the battery and making it unsafe.

    NiCads are great! They're cheap and pretty foolproof. One problem is that cadmium is a hazard to the environment. Another is that slow or trickle charging causes internal crystals to form, and those crystals ruin NiCads.

  7. ive got it in the fridge as im always plugged in at home,

    but the fridge is never switched on anyway as i dont keep any perishables such as cheese, meat , milk etc

    if it aint fresh enough to eat without a fridge then i dont eat it

    not sure what temp its at but it will be cool enough

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