MacBook loses WiFi connection when going to sleep.

  1. My wife's MacBook (and her iBook before it) loses its wifi connection to our cable modem when it goes to sleep, so she must log on again, with a password, even if she just had the computer closed for a few minutes. This may be a "feature" but it's an annoying one for her. Is there a way for the computer to log back on automatically (a script or something?) when it wakes up?

    Paul T. (pstarantino AT comcast DOT net)

  2. Does it help to remove the checkmark from "Disconnect when I log out" in System Preferences > Network > Airport > Options? --
    For contact info, run the following in Terminal:
    Mail: echo 36199371860304980107073482417748002696458P|dc Skype: echo 139576319600233690471689738P|dc

  3. 1. Open System Preferences > Network.
    2. Click the Airport tab.
    3. From the By default join menu, select Preferred networks. 4. Add your wireless router to the list.


  4. My iBook loses it connection when it goes to sleep to but automatically reconnects when waken it. I checked the save password box when the login in came up. Does the same things on my daughter's iBooks too.

    Look in your library folder in the root level of your HD, go to the Keychain folder and open up the Keychain.system file. See if the wifi network is there. There is a place to put in the password, see if that helps.

  5. Thanks much to all who replied...problem solved!

  6. Previously, Paul Tarantino wrote:

    Thanks much to all who replied...problem solved!

    How did you solve it?


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