New iMac sleep problems

  1. Could be. It took me a while to figure out which one it was.

  2. On 13/3/08 08:54, deKay wrote:

    I'm having some trouble with scheduling my iMac's sleep patterns. I want to put it to sleep at 23:30 and wake at 7:00. This was OK and worked, until I realised that the thing was going to sleep after half an hour's non-use anyway.

    This is no good, as I need access to it remotely during the day, so don't want it going to sleep then. So I switched "Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for:" to "Never". And now it doesn't go to sleep at the scheduled time :/

    Is this normal behaviour? Is there a setting I'm missing?

    It should sleep on schedule. However, when I had a similar problem it was due to an application not allowing it to sleep. Try a scheduled sleep while you're around - with your normal app set up running and see if it obeys. I forget now exactly what it was that prevented the sleep but I know it does work as it did it to me yesterday - went to sleep at the scheduled time which I'd forgotten to wipe - and slept half way through encoding a dvd... It started encoding again when I woke it and seems to have picked up again where it left off but I haven't played the finished product yet...

  3. Not sure if it's what you need, but I've used the app 'Wake550' <> to wake my sleeping iMac from an iBook (same room, Virgin cable modem + Netgear WGR614 - iMac hard-wired to the Netgear, iBook wireless to the Netgear), & then 'Chicken of the VNC to control the iMac from the iBook.

    It worked wonderfully the first couple of times I tried it (not having tried anything like that before), then it stopped working... I don't know why & haven't investigated. The only issue was making sure to start CotVNC as soon as I'd clicked the 'wake' button on Wake550, as, if you waited for the confirmation notification, the iMac would have gone back to sleep before you had a chance to enter the password.


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