About DssW

This page includes the contact details, history, and an overview of Dragon Systems Software Limited (DssW).

DssW has been developing energy saving software for the Mac since its incorporation in 1997. Every day thousands of Mac users are saving energy using DssW products.

“Our solutions are built to speak for themselves. We avoid promising features, and prefer shipping them. We avoid hype and exaggeration, and prefer beautifully engineered solutions. We are happy to be judged not by our claims, but by our actions.” – Graham Miln, DssW

DssW is an abbreviation of Dragon Systems Software Limited. DssW is an English and Welsh limited liability company incorporated in 1997.

Our customers range from individual Mac users, through to multi-national organisations managing thousands of Macs worldwide. Our customers are those seeking a solution that embraces the Mac’s design ethos and architecture.

DssW solutions are designed specifically for the Mac. We do not port existing software to the Mac and we do not consider the Mac a second class business platform. We are Mac experts and our solutions reflect our ability to integrate with all aspects of the Mac OS.

Founded in Hereford, United Kingdom

DssW’s first office was in Hereford, Herefordshire. Hereford is a beautiful town in a rural part of the United Kingdom.

Global Reach

Our offices are not open to the public. Our team is spread out geographically and we prefer to deal with our customers by e-mail and telephone. The ascent of broadband has allowed DssW to become a global company, with contributors to our solutions working and travelling without the tether of a cubical.

A Steadfast Team

Graham Miln is the public face of DssW. When dealing with DssW, it is likely you will be working with Graham.

Graham Miln is a Director and software engineer for DssW. Graham incorporated DssW with John Fancourt to develop and distribute the first version of Power Manager.

Media and Public Relations

Press releases, publicity photos, and product review materials are available in the Media and Press Information.