I am making your energy my business

I hope you will join me for the next year as I change DssW from the inside out.

Today I will share with you my new involvement with DssW and the changes I am bringing to the company.

My name is Graham Miln and I am the main character behind DssW. My goal is to improve your energy use through my business.

Children sitting in a rowYou have front row seats.

DssW was formed in 1997 to create, distribute, and sell software. We focused on creating utility software for the Mac. We did well enough but I felt the company lacked.

Five years ago I decided to move away from DssW.

…learning all I could.

Having doubts about DssW's future direction, I stepped back from the company I had formed with John Fancourt in the summer of 1997.

Those formative DssW years taught me a few key lessons:

  • shipping commercial software is difficult;
  • lessons learnt in theory are no equal to those learnt in practice;
  • there is a big difference between succeeding and excelling.

I needed to learn more than school or studying others could teach me.

To leave university and go solo immediately felt like a supreme act of hubris; I needed somewhere I could learn first hand from others' successes and missteps.

So I applied to work for others. First with a small family run company, and later with a multi-national on the other side of the planet.

After five years of watching, listening, and quietly building products for other companies I have come full circle; back to DssW.

Returning home to DssW

I return with the objective of saving you energy. To do this I am changing DssW's focus. We no longer write software as a core business. We save energy.

For now we save energy through software. DssW knows how to take software from concept through to customer.

Stressful, complex, and nerve racking, but always fun

I admit that it helps that bringing excellent software to you is just plain fun; often stressful, complex, and nerve racking, but always fun.

Our change in focus makes it easier to decide where to direct our own energy. Opportunities, products, and features are now judged by their relevance to energy saving.

Join me

Before long you too will be saving energy with our software. In the mean time subscribe to this blog, spread the word, or buy Power Manager and start saving immediately.

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