Power Manager 3.7 released

Today we launched Power Manager 3.7. It is available now to buy and download. This update is free for existing users of Power Manager 3 and highly recommended.

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Leopard is supported

Power Manager now fully supports Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). It has been a long weekend of testing. Unusually Apple did not pre-release the final build of Mac OS X 10.5 to developers. The decision means that Mac software developers are currently rushing to buy, install, and make sure their software works with the final release of Mac OS X 10.5.

Thankfully Power Manager required few changes to work with Mac OS X 10.5, and our work tracking the developer preview releases paid off.

Changes in Power Manager v3.7

  • New wake action.
  • Added time zone support.
  • Added starting and stopping events from Quick Schedule.
  • Added cancelling pending events from Quick Schedule.
  • Updated Login Window pmauthctl to support multiple installation mechanism names (Mac OS X 10.5).
  • Updated AMRollOverButton code.
  • Improved System Preference interface restrictions when locked.
  • Improved upgrade process to remove legacy preference file.
  • Improved status menu ’none’ icon (Mac OS X 10.5).
  • Improved status menu to truncate event names longer than 64 characters.
  • Improved status menu’s messages to differentiate between stopped and empty event queue.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Improved removal script.
  • Reduced System Preference’s Console logging to only failed daemon requests.
  • Moved daemon preference file back to /Library/Preferences/.
  • Safe guarded against bug in IOPM queue.
  • Fixed status menu hide/show bug (Mac OS X 10.5).
  • Fixed KVO bug in the Schedule Assistant.
  • Fixed Schedule Assistant bug caused by behavioural differences in tab views (Mac OS X 10.5).
  • Fixed incorrect icon bug in System Preference (Mac OS X 10.5).
  • Fixed an occasional visual bug in the event performing window.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the status menu event transition.