Little launch celebrations

A couple of weeks ago we launched three product updates. These were updates to Power Manager, Sleep Monitor, and Energy Schedule. The updates make sure our software works seamlessly with Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.5, also known as Leopard.

As usual, we marked the launch with a little celebration. But this was a special launch. Special because it encompassed three products, and because it marks our first launch since Megan and I returned from living in Lyon.

A year in France

Last year Megan and I had to break with tradition. We spent the year travelling and most of our time was spent living in France. The broadband revolution is wonderful, and last year proved my ability to continue to grow DssW while roaming free from a traditional office environment.

Living in France had its down side. It meant foregoing our traditional David Jones’ food court chocolate cake slice.

Surprisingly, finding suitably rich chocolate cake in Lyon was not easy. Thankfully, finding an alternative was easy - and so we broke with tradition and settled for local delights.

Back in Australia

We are back in Sydney, Australia, for a while. Once again, we can shop at David Jones for chocolate cake, but our tradition has been questioned. Never again can we return to David Jones without comparison to the delights of Lyon.

Cadbury’s cupcakes marked our launch

So, Megan and I had some fun and we made Cadbury’s cupcakes. Lots of little celebratory cakes in place of our usual one luxurious piece. Not in the same league as either David Jones or Lyon’s patisseries, but a yummy marker for our three latest updates.