5 Things To Do Before Carbon Offsetting

Try these five easy steps before you buy carbon offset credits. You will save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you have probably discovered carbon offsetting. You can pay to extra to offset everything from insurance to flights. Don’t, not yet.

I don’t want the airline to plant trees on my behalf when I fly. Planting trees is nice, but I want the airlines to invest in developing low-emission fuel.

JCDeux’s Velo bike hiring scheme in Lyon, France

Before you buy carbon offset credits, try these easy steps. You will reduce your carbon footprint, and you will save money.

  1. Change all of your light bulbs to energy efficient ones. It is tempting to wait until your old incandescent bulbs go out, but you will save yourself money in the long run if you change them today.
  2. Turn off electrical items such as lights, televisions, radios, and computers. As you leave a room, take a moment to look around and see what you can turn off. If you can turn it off at the wall, even better.
  3. Drive less. Start by making one less trip to the supermarket each week, or try walking instead of taking the car for short trips.
  4. Turn down your heating/cooling. Set the thermostat a couple of degrees cooler in winter and a couple of degrees warmer in summer.
  5. Use cold water in the washing machine. Your clothes will still come out clean; there are washing powders designed for cold water. After washing, hang up your clothes to dry, instead of using the dryer.