Mac's Lazy Design - iMUG Talk

I will be arguing the benefits of laziness at Victoria’s Mac User Group ( iMUG) in a couple of weeks.

I will discuss how laziness has affected the design of Mac OS X, and how laziness influences the design decisions behind DssW Power Manager.

CSIRAC – Australia’s First Computer, Melbourne Museum

It will be fun to brush up on my public speaking skills, share some stories of those who have shaped Mac OS X, and get the chance to meet you in person.

The meeting is free and open to the public.

Thanks to iMUG’s president, Les Posen, for the invitation to speak.

iMUG talk essentials.

Graham Miln, Director of DssW
Talking about Mac’s Lazy Design at iMUG
6:30pm - 9pm, Tuesday 27 May 2008
Ross House, Level 4, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (between Swanston & Degraves Streets). If an usher is not at the door to let you in, press the intercom button marked Floor 4 Front (not Rear).