Unicode licences: Your details in your language

Thanks to last weekend’s launch of the DssW Authorised Reseller programme, all future DssW purchases will now support unicode names and organisation details.

Detail from Kim Hoa Tram’s NGV International exhibit.

Detail from Kim Hoa Tram’s NGV International exhibit

Unicode support is important. Unicode support means that DssW licences can now include characters from any written language.

In the past we have had to issue licences with simplified, and in some cases mangled, name and organisation details. Limitations in our payment software meant we had to settle with a solution that worked well for the majority. Regretably, a few customers received licences where their details had to be simplfied.

Thankfully that is all in the past.

We felt it was essential for our resellers to be able to provide licences issued in their local written language. The software we built to power the DssW Authorised Reseller programme supports unicode from the ground up. Resellers can provide licences using any written language their customers need.

We use the same system as our resellers. Thus, like our resellers, DssW’s licences now support any written language.