Learning about the European Union

I want to learn more about the European Union (EU). Even from the other side of the world the EU and its policies are influential. What happens in Europe appears to influence what happens in the rest of the world.

European Parliament, Strasbourg

I was born in Australia and Graham was born in the United Kingdom. Over the last few years we have noticed a common trend with policy decisions and focus from our home countries. When a topic appears in one parliament, it soon appears in its foreign counterpart. Neither country mentions the other, but the overlap is uncanny.

DssW is an English limited company. The company is subject to English company law, and ultimately EU law. So EU legislation has a direct effect on our business and customers.

Coming from Australia, I know little about the EU and how it works. Australia can feel a long way from the rest of the world.

The EU seems to lead the way in many areas, including energy and environment policy, which is where my particular interest lies. I would like to find out where these policies come from. Specifically, who and what creates EU policy? And once created, how do the policies get put into practice within EU countries?

These are broad questions, and I don’t expect to find answers immediately. I will start by seeing what Europa has to offer. Europa appears to be the EU’s main web site. I’ve stumbled upon Europa in the past, and it seems to be a good starting point.