Amendments to EU energy directives

How do amendments to EU Ecodesign directives affect existing regulations on stand by power consumption?

After publishing my post about European Union (EU) policy on stand by power consumption last week, I discovered that the EU directive it was based on had been replaced. This left me wondering whether the regulation on stand by power consumption was still applicable.

Strasbourg from above

Last week, I learnt that the EU sets limits on the amount of power equipment can use when it is in stand by mode and off mode. These limits were introduced through Regulation 1275/2008. This regulation was implemented under Directive 2005/32/EC.

I have since learnt that Directive 2005/32/EC has been repealed, and replaced by Directive 2009/125/EC. Both of these directives aim to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of a range of products. The new directive expands the scope of the old directive to include a wider range of products.

The regulation on stand by power consumption was based on the old directive. But, the old directive has been replaced. Is the original regulation still in force?

After much searching, I have not been able to find a definitive answer. But, here are my thoughts.

Directive 2009/125/EC states that references to the repealed directive will be construed as references to the new directive. This suggests to me that the regulation on stand by power consumption will continue, but now refer to the new directive instead the old one.

On a practical note, the new directive aims to achieve the same goals as the old directive, but covers a wider range of products. The regulations implemented under the old directive go some way to achieving those goals for specific groups of products. It seems counterproductive for the new directive to undo those regulations.

Is Regulation 1275/2008 on stand by power consumption still effective under the new directive? I’m not sure, but if I had to guess, I would say yes.