AppleScript now available in Power Manager 4 Preview

Today, we released an update to Power Manager 4 Preview. This preview is the first release to include support for AppleScript.

This preview includes changes to the event format and application programming interface (API). Existing preview users will need to recreate their schedule after installing.

We have been working extremely hard to provide great AppleScript support. Improvements include more natural terminology and support for the make, duplicate, and move verbs. A handful of example scripts are included:

/Library/Application Support/Power Manager/Developer/Examples/AppleScript

The preview is not perfect but it works well enough to play with and get a feel for the improvements. If you find bugs or want a specific feature tweaked, get in touch.

Power Manager can be integrated with almost any existing environment or workflow. The preview now supports a gamut of languages and tools:

  • C: Use the PowerManager.framework
  • C++: Use the PowerManager.framework
  • Objective-C: Use the PowerManager.framework
  • AppleScript: Use 'Power Manager Scripting'
  • Ruby: ScriptingBridge with 'Power Manager Scripting'
  • Python: ScriptingBridge with 'Power Manager Scripting'
  • Perl: Mac::Glue CPAN module with 'Power Manager Scripting'
  • shell script: Use pmctl

Power Manager 4 Preview is free and available to download immediately.

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