Power Manager 4.0.1 and Professional 4.0.1 Released

Power Manager 4.0.1 and Power Manager Professional 4.0.1 are now available. These updates fix bugs discovered since launching last month, and include a handful of small refinements.

Power Manager includes an automatic software update feature

Changes Since v4.0.0

  • Bug: Fixed bug in framework where invalidating a connection within a callback could crash the application.
  • Bug: Fixed bug that could cause sleep to be delayed by up to thirty seconds.
  • Bug: Fixed bug that could cause running application constraint open dialog to fail.
  • Bug: Fixed bug that could stop licensing Apply button being enabled (Mac OS X 10.4).
  • Bug: Fixed bug that could cause external processes not to be cleaned up.
  • API: Unanswered requests called with NULL response if connection becomes invalid.
  • API: Added Time Zone object to provide client time zone name and current offset in seconds from UTC.
  • API: Added length limit of 1024 characters to notifications.
  • Refined: Reworded licensing dialogs and removed requirement for organisation value.
  • Refined: Removed edge case where Professional's auto-saving library could present a save dialog (Pro).
  • Refined: Updated removal tool's confirmation dialog.
  • Refined: Added editors for choosing directories, executables, and files (Pro).
  • Refined: Disk image presentation.

Version 4.0.1 is free for users of Power Manager 4. Existing users can update using Power Manager's automatic software update.

Thank you to those who reported these bugs. We appreciate your time and effort in finding and isolating these bugs.

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