Mac360 Recommends Power Manager

Thanks to Jeffrey Mincey, Mac360, for reviewing Power Manager. In his Hints and Tips article, Mincey appreciates Power Manager's ability to take control of your Mac's energy use. The article highlights a number of the supporting features such as AppleScript and Automator support; great to see others appreciate the extra effort that goes into making a complete Mac product.

Mac360 recommends DssW Power Manager

"Power Manager does what you think it does. It powers your Mac on and off according to a precise schedule. It also tells your Mac to sleep after a period of inactivity (which really cuts down the power usage).

It can also be set to launch specific apps, documents, tools, and scripts according to a schedule, and automate more complex tasks as your knowledge grows. There is more to this horse than a pretty smile. The Getting Started list is comprehensive."
-- Jeffrey Mincey, Mac360

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