Activity Audit - New Journaling Tool for Mac OS X

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Activity Audit for Mac OS X. Activity Audit is a fun new way for finding out where your time goes.

Activity Audit creates a calendar showing you what applications you use and when you use them. The calendar is unique to you and provides an incredible insight into how you use your Mac.

DssW Activity Audit and iCal

I have been running Activity Audit for a few weeks now and the patterns it shows are striking. My weekday work routine is fairly regular, but on the weekends my personal Mac tends to be used less predictably. I can see clear patterns in when applications are launched and how my focus changes across each week.

A calendar showing one week with Activity Audit

Our experience with Power Manager has shown that most of our customers have a rough idea about how their Macs are used, but no hard data to really make energy saving judgements on. With this in mind, we created Activity Audit to provide an easy way of journaling how and when your Mac is used.

After just a couple days with Activity Audit running, you will have a fascinating calendar based entirely on your application activity. With this calendar in hand, you can know what applications you really use, when your Mac actually gets used, and thus how to better save energy.

Activity Audit is available now on the DssW web site and on the Mac App Store.

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