Activity Audit v1.1 Released - Journal Your Mac Activity

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Activity Audit v1.1 for Mac OS X. Activity Audit has been updated to include an improved auditing agent and new set of auditing options.

DssW Activity Audit and iCal

Activity Audit creates a calendar showing when you use your Mac and what applications you run. This update introduces support for suspending auditing while your Mac is asleep, the screen is dimmed, or your user account is Fast User Switched. The ability to automatically suspend auditing creates a better activity journal. You can now see when your Mac is actively being used. Gaps appear in the journal where your Mac is left idle. Previously, it was not possible to capture this level of detail.

The improved auditing agent makes implementing a pro-active energy saving schedule much easier.

Activity Audit now includes a status menu bar to show when auditing is occurring. You can use the status menu bar to quickly launch iCal or Activity Audit. You can also stop auditing at any time from the status menu bar.

Activity Audit v1.1 is a free upgrade for existing customers.

Activity Audit is available now on the Mac App Store and directly from DssW. A 14 day demonstration is available.

New in Activity Audit v1.1

  • Added status menu while auditing.
  • Added support for auditing until next log out.
  • Added option to suspend auditing during display sleep, computer sleep, and Fast User Switch.
  • Removed requirement for a login agent.
  • Improved detection of multiple agent instances being launched.
  • Improved application event matching algorithm.

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