Power Manager 4.1 and Power Manager Professional 4.1 Released

Power Manager 4.1 and Power Manager Professional 4.1 are now available. This is a significant update introducing a new event editor, more assistants, and bug fixes. As always, we recommend all users update.

Power Manager includes an automatic software update feature

What's New in 4.1?

  • New: Added new event editor.
  • New: Added new event templates triggered by switching to battery or mains power.
  • Bug: Fixed Quick Schedule's wake event.
  • Bug: Fixed bugs for Mac OS X 10.7 Developer Preview.
  • Bug: Fixed "Unavailable" bug caused by orphaned certificates.
  • Bug: Fixed event view icon invertion when not window is not key.
  • Bug: Fixed AppleScript properties for inherited structures, such as power sources.
  • Bug: Removed incorrect continue field from the launch application action.
  • Bug: Fixed potential pmd crash when changing time zones (Mac OS X 10.5).
  • Bug: Fixed pmuli login items set up bug (Mac OS X 10.4).
  • Bug: Fixed inline scripts failing when not executed as root.
  • API: Added build.revision to return developer version information.
  • Refined: Improved self-signed certificate creation and management.
  • Refined: Any executable file can now be added to conditional running processes list.
  • Refined: Added certtool example to the Administrator Guide.
  • Refined: Added version information to Power Manager helpbook.
  • Refined: Improved licence entry sheet (Pro).
  • Refined: Status menu differentiates a stopped scheduler and no pending events.
  • Refined: Removed extraneous menu item in status menu when only on-demand events are scheduled.
  • Refined: Removed pmrights tool. Added functionality to pmd.
  • Refined: Added ability to repair required authorization rights on pmd launch.
  • Refined: Added ability to install to non-booted System volumes.
  • Refined: Improved remaining non-essential installer scripts.
  • Refined: Added ability to opening multiple events from an event view.

If you encounter problems updating, please download and manually install this update.

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