UPS Scripting on Mac OS X

You can use Power Manager to script your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) on Mac OS X. In Power Manager v4.1, we added a couple of new triggers and conditions that allow you to trigger events, such as AppleScripts or commands, when your UPS's state changes.

There are two UPS triggers that are frequently requested and both are supported by Power Manager:

Using the event editor, two triggers matching these requests can be found under the Trigger > Power Source group:

  • Power Remaining;
  • Power State.
UPS related triggers appear in the Power Source group

Within each trigger, use the optional Filter field to tell Power Manager to act only when the UPS power source is matched.

Use the optional Filter field to match your UPS hardware

The triggers can filter UPS devices based on how they are connected to your Mac. Power Manager supports USB, networked, and serial cable connected UPS hardware. Power Manager supports any UPS device supported by Mac OS X.

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