Battery Guardian - Extend Your Mac Battery Life

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Battery Guardian for Mac OS X. Battery Guardian is an assistant for helping you get the most from your Mac battery.

Battery Guardian is free and essential for all MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro owners.

Battery Guardian helps extend MacBook battery life

Battery Guardian helps extend MacBook battery life

I created Battery Guardian soon after we bought a new MacBook Pro. This new MacBook Pro has become my wife's daily Mac and I was concerned about the battery. We typically leave our laptops plugged into the power. Only when we travel does the portable nature of the MacBook get used.

During the months when the MacBook is left plugged in, it is important to remember to fully use, deplete, the battery regularly. Apple give this advice on their notebook battery page but remembering to do this and tracking the durations between depletions does not feel pressing. It a task where the benefits are well known but the rewards are too far in the future to ensure action.

So, I created Battery Guardian to remind both myself and my wife. Battery Guardian does one thing – it focuses on regularly depleting your battery for you. Sadly, software alone can not handle the whole depletion process. You are still needed to unplug and plug back in the mains power cable. Battery Guardian tells you when to do this with a small heart in the top-right of the menu bar.

Battery Guardian is smart enough to know if you have recently depleted your battery through daily use. The schedule adjusts to make sure that your MacBook does not go too long without being depleted. If your routine is good, Battery Guardian stays out of your way.

Other little perks included in Battery Guardian are a battery condition indicator, optional Calendar event, and a count down until the next expected depletion. Small extras that are nice to have at a glance.

If you have a MacBook, please download and use Battery Guardian. It is never too late to start improving your battery life.

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