Power Manager Recommended by Bohemian Boomer

Thanks to Jeffrey Mincey, Bohemian Boomer, for reviewing and recommending Power Manager. Jeffrey's review highlights the benefits Power Manager offers, above and beyond those provided by Mac OS X's Energy Saver.

Bohemian Boomer recommends Power Manager

Bohemian Boomer recommends Power Manager

OS X’s Energy Saver utility is anemic compared to Power Manager. This app can setup unrestricted and complex schedules, works with multiple users, has more customization options, and a growing list of tasks and actions which can be performed unattended on a timed schedule.

The interface is intuitive, logical, straightforward, and displays a list of tasks that you can assign to run even while you’re not using the Mac. It can start itself up, run the tasks, shut itself down.

– Jeffrey Mincey, Bohemian Boomer

Download a free 30 day demonstration and try Power Manager for yourself today.

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