DssW Available via homebrew cask

We are pleased to announce that DssW's software is now available via homebrew cask. This makes it even easier to get Power Manager on your Mac.

Already using casks? Try installing Power Manager now:

  brew cask install power-manager

Remember to restart after installing Power Manager to get started. The restart continues to be important to ensure the scheduling processes can work with each user appropriately.

If you used cask to install or update Power Manager, you can uninstall Power Manager using cask. As you might expect, the uninstall command is a variation of the install command:

  brew cask uninstall power-manager

The best way to remove Power Manager is to use the included removal application.

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DssW Casks

The following DssW casks are now available:

What is homebrew cask?

homebrew is a command line tool for managing powerful tools on the Mac. cask extends homebrew by introducing the capability to manage graphical applications – such as our software.

To use brew and cask, you should be familiar with the command line and Terminal.app. cask is aimed at developers, consultants, and administrators who are comfortable with Terminal.app.

To install brew, follow the instructions on the homebrew site.

To install cask, follow the instructions on the cask site.

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