Reasons to Celebrate

We have been accumulating reasons to celebrate recently. So we treated ourselves to a slightly different celebration. Traditionally for launch celebrations we opt for chocolate cake – or the closest alternative we can find.

For this celebration we gave in to temptation and bought decadent eclairs from a local patisserie. I am pleased to report they tasted as good as they looked; and they looked good, with fancy packaging, a patterned dark chocolate slice on top, and even a customised box to ensure they reached our table in the same condition they left the patisserie.

A fancy chocolate eclair cut in half

So what did we have to celebrate?

DssW marked its 17th birthday last week. I continue to be surprised at just how long I have been working on our products. Yet there is so much more ahead of us.

Power Manager's last launch has been a great success. We moved from an installer to an application based approach. A leap that has take years as required features in the underlying operating system became stable and widely available. Your feedback on this has been reassuring and we too love the easier installation.

Recent web site improvements have been working well. We never stop refining, updating, and improving this web site, but every so often we add significant new content or features. That has been the case recently. We have added live filtering within the Power Manager Cookbook page, added content through-out most of the site, and added to our domains. These news pages have been overhauled and are now served even faster than before. The site looks great on different screen sizes and continues to be focused on content.

So, plenty of reasons to celebrate. As always, thank you for your continued support.

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