Power Manager 4.3.0 Released

Announcing the launch of Power Manager 4.3 for Mac OS X.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Power Manager 4.3. This release introduces support for remote management of Macs running Power Manager. This release also improves support for Apple’s forthcoming OS X 10.10, Yosemite.

Updating Power Manager

Power Manager will automatically check for updates every so often, so there is nothing to do. The update will automatically be offered to you during the next few weeks.

If you want to update to the latest Power Manager now, use the Check for Updates… menu item in the Power Manager menu.

Screenshot showing the Check for Updates menu item in Power Manager

Changes in v4.3.0

  • New: Added ability to connect to and manage Power Manager clients remotely.
  • New: Added support for connecting to Bonjour services with pmctl.
  • New: Added an empty event template for easy custom event creation.
  • Refined: Reworked core networking to relieve name resolution from caller.
  • Refined: Schedule Assistant changed to open executable but suffixed files; previously executed.
  • Refined: Added sound to Notifications Center messages; adjust through System Preferences as needed.
  • Refined: Updated notification panel style to better compliment Yosemite.
  • Refined: Updated client and schedule document icons for Yosemite.
  • API: Added CFNetServiceRef and NSNetService support to connection APIs.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug in remote management that could block legitimate access (OS X 10.10).
  • Bug: Fixed pmuser to ensure it never appears in the Dock (OS X 10.10).