Mac360 Reviews Power Manager

Thanks to Jeffrey Mincey, Mac360, for recommending Power Manager. Jeffery talks about how Power Manager separates the average Mac user from the power Mac user.

Thanks to Jeffrey Mincey, Mac360, for reviewing Power Manager.

Jeffrey’s review highlights the professional features of Power Manager and how they go far beyond those provided by OS X.

“Then I got smart and installed Power Manager, a professional level Mac utility which solves three issues that affect every Mac user.” Jeffrey Mincey, Mac360

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It was great see Jeffrey found Power Manager intuitive. Having recently released a updated interface with version 4.2, learning that the changes resonated positively is wonderful.

Jeffrey mentions that he encountered third party applications that occasionally messed up his schedule. If you encounter such applications, please get in touch. We would love to hear which applications are able to adversely affect your schedules.

Download Power Manager today and see if you agree with Jeffrey’s review.