All Domains Secured

All content is now protected by SSL/TLS encryption.

Building on our efforts to improve the DssW web site, we are pleased to announce all our domains support encrypted connections.

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The domains include:

We have been offering secure connections for a few years now. Recently we decided to roll out secure connections across all our domains. This increases the number of things we need to manage but in return it offers a better experience for you.

The last domain to be updated to offer Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) connections was This domain serves software update information that is itself already signed and secure. Adding this extra layer of encryption provides a belt and braces approach to security.

With the introduction of OS X 10.11, Apple is rightly promoting the use of encrypted connections from all applications out onto the web. This is a good move and I hope other developers will quickly adopt encryption by default.

Our thanks to WebFaction for making the transition to SSL/TLS easy.