Preparing for macOS 10.12 Sierra

We will be supporting macOS 10.12. Learn about DssW software and macOS 10.12, Sierra.

We will be supporting macOS 10.12, the successor to OS X 10.11. As with previous major updates to the Mac operating system, we are working with the developer previews and preparing updates where needed.

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We recommend waiting and not rushing to try the preview macOS operating system. There will be bugs and problems. Whenever you use beta or preview software, you run a high risk of losing your documents and work.

For those thinking of upgrading to macOS 10.12 immediately upon release, we recommend waiting. If you use your Mac professionally, your best option is to wait a month or two after the official launch before upgrading. This extra time will allow hidden problems to come to the fore and to ensure all your software is truly ready.

We will keep you informed as our macOS 10.12 updates are launched.

Update: Ready for macOS 10.12, Sierra

While we continue to recommend waiting for macOS 10.12.1 before upgrading critical Macs, our software is ready.