Extending Power Manager

Use Power Manager to get a head start with your own projects and let us do the heavy lifting.

Power Manager provides a complete Application Programming Interface (API).

Developer Documentation

Every API parameter, request, and structure is documented in the developer guide. A wide selection of AppleScript examples are included in the scripting guide.

In Your Language

You can work with Power Manager using a wide range of scripting languages. A selection of languages and recommended interfaces are listed below:

Use the Power Manager application's scripting dictionary.
Python & Ruby
Scripting Bridge the Power Manager application
Use the Mac::Glue CPAN module
Command line interface
Use pmctl

An Example in Multiple Languages

How easy is Power Manager to work with? The following examples all request a list of events.

Events in AppleScript

A few of lines of AppleScript is enough to gather all the events in Power Manager.

tell application "Power Manager"
  -- Get all the events
  set myEvents to the events of the Event Store
end tell

Events in the Shell

Power Manager includes a command line tool called pmctl. To make your scripts even easier to write, pmctl's replies can be formatted in plist or json formats.

bash% cd /Applications/Power\ Manager.app/Contents/Tools/
bash% ./pmctl eventstore.events

Where to Learn More

The best way to learn how to work with Power Manager is to install a copy on your Mac, and refer to the developer guide.