Developer - Power Manager API - Extend and Integrate

Power Manager provides a complete Application Programming Interface (API).

Use Power Manager to get a head start with your own projects and let us do the heavy lifting.

Power Manager provides a complete Application Programming Interface (API).

Developer Documentation

Every API parameter, request, and structure is documented in the developer guide. A wide selection of AppleScript examples are included in the scripting guide.

In Your Language

You can work with Power Manager using a wide range of scripting languages. A selection of languages and recommended interfaces are listed below:

An Example in Multiple Languages

How easy is Power Manager to work with? The following examples all request a list of events.

Events in AppleScript

A few of lines of AppleScript is enough to gather all the events in Power Manager.

tell application "Power Manager"
  -- Get all the events
  set myEvents to the events of the Event Store
end tell

Events in the Shell

Power Manager includes a command line tool called pmctl. To make your scripts even easier to write, pmctl’s replies can be formatted in plist or json formats.

bash% cd /Applications/Power\
bash% ./pmctl

Where to Learn More

The best way to learn how to work with Power Manager is to install a copy on your Mac, and refer to the developer guide.

Power Manager’s API is provided as a standard part of Power Manager, and may be used by licensed users of Power Manager.

The API is open and documented. We do not charge for integrating Power Manager with your in-house projects.

If you want to use Power Manager as part of a commercial product, please get in touch.