Energy Saving

Your computers require a significant amount of electricity to run at full power. Studies show that computers are second largest office consumer of electricity.

Deploying Power Manager will help you reduce your computer's electricity consumption.

Return On Investment

How much energy you save depends on your computers and environment. Calculating just how much you can save is not easy, but it is possible.

Below are a series of typical environments where Macs are used. We have used a recent study to calculate the expected savings for each environmet.

Sample Savings

Environment Computers Annual Savings ROI -
Northern District of Private Colleges 5,173 mixed Macs €51,842 5 months Learn more…
Greenbel Advanced College 100 mixed Macs €1,005 2 years Learn more…
Gillian Mordon Design Studio 11 modern Macs €40 5.5 years Learn more…
Professional Photographer 1 Mac Pro €11 2 years Learn more…

Energy Saving Research

Late in 2006 Megan Bray produced a comprehensive white paper collating all the facts, figures, assumptions, and conclusions from recent energy saving studies. We sponsored Megan's research.

The table above uses Megan's research to demonstrate the possible savings available in differing environments. The table does not represent real organisations and is provided as a guideline.