Design Studio

Your computers use a lot of electricity. Computers are second on the list for office electricity consumption. Power Manager saves you money by saving energy.

Saving energy is more than just saving electricity. It is saving time and effort, being more productive and efficient. For small businesses, saving energy is important.

Energy Saving Research

Late in 2006 Megan Bray produced a comprehensive white paper collating all the facts, figures, assumptions, and conclusions from recent energy saving studies. We sponsored Megan's research.

The example below uses Megan's research to demonstrate the possible savings available to businesses and public sector offices. The example does not represent real organisations and is provided as a guideline.

Potential Savings

“Gillian Mordon runs a graphic design studio. She started in the spare room of her home, and has expanded her business to employ eight designers and an administrative assistant. Having built her business from the ground up, Gillian knows how important it is to keep costs down and use her time as efficiently as possible.

Gillian uses a Mac Pro with 30 inch cinema display, and her staff use 24 inch iMacs. There is another Mac Pro dedicated to the scanner and proof printer.

Everyone eats lunch together three days a week. Gillian believes it is important for everyone to share ideas, and found the lunch table better than the meeting room for encouraging relaxed, open discussion.

Gillian uses Power Manager to schedule these lunches, making sure everyone is there on time. Staff also use Power Manager to structure their day, by scheduling regular breaks and client meetings. These scheduled events not only act as reminders, but ensure the computers are asleep or off while they are away, saving energy.

Power Manager ensures all of Gillian's computers are turned off at night, and on ready for work the next morning. She doesn't have to wait until the back-up finishes before she leaves for the afternoon. She can set it off as she walks out, knowing Power Manager will turn the computer off for the night. Of course, this saves energy, but it also gives Gillian peace of mind to know that the day's work is saved and the computers are securely turned off while the office is unattended at night.

Power Manager saves Gillian almost 40 € each year.”