School District

Your computers use a lot of electricity. Computers are second on the list for office electricity consumption. Power Manager saves you money by saving energy.

Potential savings in academic environments are even greater. Shared computers in labs are more likely to be left on overnight and during breaks, using unnecessary energy and eating into limited budgets.

Saving energy is more than just saving electricity. It is saving time and effort, being more productive and efficient.

Energy Saving Research

Late in 2006 Megan Bray produced a comprehensive white paper collating all the facts, figures, assumptions, and conclusions from recent energy saving studies. We sponsored Megan's research.

The example below uses Megan's research to demonstrate the possible savings available to large organisations, businesses, and school districts. The example does not represent real organisations and is provided as a guideline.

Potential Savings

“The Northern District of Private Colleges encompasses 63 private secondary schools, technical colleges, advanced colleges, and adult education centres.

Each college has between 30 and 140 computers in offices and student labs. These computers are a mix of older model iMacs with CRT displays, and new iMacs.

Most of the computers are in labs and classrooms. They are rarely turned off in these shared environments, so spend evenings and weekends in sleep mode. Each school and college has between 2 and 5 computers in their administration offices, and in the advanced and technical colleges, each teacher has their own computer. Approximately half of these computers are turned off at night.

One of the colleges in the district, Greenbel Advanced College, recently implemented Power Manager. The college saves 1,000 € each year on its electricity costs, and classes in the labs run more smoothly.

Following this success, the District Administration decided to implement Power Manager across all 63 colleges in the district, and the head office.

Power Manager ensures all of the computers across the district are turned off at night, and asleep during breaks and idle periods during the day. And all of the computers are on, ready for classes in the morning.

Power Manager saves the Northern District of Private Colleges over 50,000 € each year.”