Your computers use a lot of electricity. Computers are second on the list for office electricity consumption. Power Manager saves you money by saving energy.

Even small offices benefit. One computer in a home office can add 8 per cent to your household electricity bill.

Saving energy is more than just saving electricity. It is saving time and effort, being more productive and efficient. When you are a one-person business, saving energy is important.

Energy Saving Research

Late in 2006 Megan Bray produced a comprehensive white paper collating all the facts, figures, assumptions, and conclusions from recent energy saving studies. We sponsored Megan's research.

The example below uses Megan's research to demonstrate the possible savings available to professionals. The example does not represent real organisations and is provided as a guideline.

Potential Savings

“Peter Hopler is a photographer. He wants to spend his time doing what he loves, not worrying about his computer. Peter uses Power Manager to reduce his overheads and manage his time.

As a photographer, Peter spends 12 weeks each year travelling to remote and exotic corners of the world. For the rest of the year, he works in a small, rented studio. He uses a Mac Pro with 30 inch cinema display to edit his digital photos and to keep digital copies of slides.

Peter works to an irregular schedule. He usually spends four days a week at the studio, but often goes out to take photographs in the afternoon, leaving the computer and other equipment on for when he returns. He always meets his partner, Lisa, for lunch on Friday.

Power Manager ensures Peter's computer is turned off at night, even when he doesn't return after taking photos in the afternoon, and the computer is always on, ready for use when he arrives in the morning.

Power Manager also helps Peter structure his day. The scheduled lunch break means Peter is always on time for his Friday lunch with Lisa, and Quick Schedule allows him to easily schedule last minute meetings and photo shoots. These scheduled breaks act as reminders, and make sure the computer is asleep or off while Peter is away, saving even more energy.

Power Manager saves Peter over 10 € each year.”