Power Manager within Education

Power Manger can help save your school time and energy. Macs in labs and shared environments present unique challenges - lots of users, security concerns, and a class timetable to enforce.

Imagine all your lab computers switching themselves off at night and on in the morning.

Imagine all your teaching computers logging out at the end of each lesson — no more chasing students off to their next lesson.

Power Manager eases the daily burden of managing your lab computers. Teaching staff will be delighted and your organisation can be proud of its environmental investment.

Energy Saving

A laboratory of computers requires energy. Energy to power the computers, and energy to power the air conditioning. Power Manager ensures your energy saving policy is enforced without any action from your staff or students.

Air conditioning is an additional expense often overlooked when calculating the total cost of running a laboratory. Keeping a laboratory of computers at a comfortable temperature is expensive. If a computer is on, it is emitting a constant stream of warmed air. By switching off computers or putting them to sleep, you stop this stream of warm air.

By deploying Power Manager throughout your laboratory you immediately reduce your computers’ running costs, and minimise your air conditioning needs.

Classroom Management

You can use Power Manger to ensure your lab computers are available when they need to be, and in a known state.

Do your students leave themselves logged into computers? Do your staff set off long running tasks that must not be interrupted?

You can schedule your Macs to automatically return to the Login Window, either at specific times or after a period of user inactivity. This means what previously would have been a locked computer is now free to be used by others.

At the beginning and end of each computer lesson do you waste time sorting out the computers?

Use Power Manager to schedule an automatic log out at the end of every lesson and you can be sure the next class will be started on time with all the Macs in a trusted state.


Power Manager adapts to a changing schedule. Events can be disabled, cancelled, or delayed. Schedules can easily handle holidays and special summer courses.

Imagine you run a summer course that uses your Mac lab. You could use two energy schedules to control your Macs. One schedule for when your class is running, and another schedule for the rest of the year.

Power Manager offers an easier solution for managing your course needs. Use one schedule for the entire year and enable course specific events as needed. Using one schedule keeps things simple. All the summer course events are saved in the single schedule but only enabled when needed.

Control and Security

Do you have a group of staff responsible for managing your Macs? Do you need your Macs to integrate into a wider information technology infrastructure?

Power Manager works in unison with macOS’s authentication and authorisation mechanisms to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Power Manager gives you fine grained control over who can cancel and delay events or change schedules. This fine grained control lets you be sure that your Macs are safe and that your energy saving settings can only be changed by authorised staff.

Academic Licences

We offer academic and site licences. Our customers range from individual departments to school districts; we understand your constraints, and are happy to work with you and your internal purchasing processes.

Our online store offers academic discounts on licences that can be purchased immediately.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.