Power Manager for Enterprise and Government

Power Manger can help save your organisation time, improve security, and reduce energy costs. Power Manager will implement and enforce your organisation's energy saving policy without any action from staff.

Energy Saving

It can be difficult for an organisation to clearly demonstrate a commitment to improving the environment and reducing energy costs. Many organisations turn to carbon offsetting and overlook the most effective course of action - reducing their energy bill.

By reducing your organisation’s energy bill you are not only saving your organisation money, you are reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint. Reducing your energy use is the best way to reduce your environmental impact.

Computers are one of the largest energy users in modern offices.

Power Manager reduces the cost of running Mac computers. Power Manager is an automated solution that can be set up, deployed, and left alone demanding no further support.

By choosing Power Manager, you can confidently show your shareholders and stakeholders that your organisation is actively addressing environmental concerns and improving the bottom line.


Power Manager can improve the security of your Macs.

Many computer users leave their computer unattended for long periods of time. Often the computer is left logged in and susceptible to tampering, intrusion, and accidents. Power Manager can automatically return unattended computers to a secure state after a period of inactivity.

Integration with macOS’s authentication and authorisation policies lets administrators keep control over who can - and can not - adjust Power Manager’s schedule.

Power Manager is standards based. Whereever possible, Power Manager uses an industry standard to ensure integration into existing networks is easy.

Power Manager provides a detailed audit trail of its actions, intentions, and any problems that occur. Power Manager takes full advantage of macOS’s Apple System Logging (ASL) to provide a highly structured log format.


Power Manager is extensively documented. We provide documentation explicitly written for administrators. The administrator documentation includes detailed information about how Power Manager works, what each installer package includes, and descriptions of all Power Manager’s tools and processes.

Extending Power Manager

For those wanting to extend or customise Power Manager, a full Application Programming Interface (API) is available. Scripting is possible via AppleScript and the included cross-platform command line tool pmctl.

Site Licences

We offer site licences to make licensing easy. A single site licence, at a set price, is all you need to deploy Power Manager.

Licenses can be purchased immediately with a debit or credit card.

Academic Organisation?

Power Manager has benefits specific to academic environments and for those managing classrooms.