Power Manager for your Business

Power Manager can help save you time and reduce your business's energy costs.

Energy Saving

During the day your business’s computers are in use and productive. What about during the evening, night, and early morning; are your computers left on?

Half of all office computers are left on and idle during the night. These computers are not being used and are costing you money. Power Manager makes it easy to automatically switch these computers off in the evening and on in the morning. There is no need to train your staff to turn off their computer at night because Power Manager will manage their computer for them.

By using Power Manager as your energy saving solution, you save more than electricity. You save training costs and time.

You save the cost of training your staff and the ongoing burden of reminding them to turn off their computer at night.

You save time every day as Power Manager shuts down and starts up your computers. In the morning, staff come in to find their computer on and ready to start work immediately. In the evening, staff can save their work and leave without a further thought; Power Manager will safely shut down their computer a few minutes after they leave.


No real life schedule remains unchanged for long; changes happen everyday that affect your need for a computer. Those changes might be an important deadline that demands extra hours in the office, or maybe your holiday means no work for a couple of weeks.

Power Manager adapts to a changing schedule. Events can be disabled, cancelled, or delayed.

Site Licences

We offer site licences to make licensing easy. A single site licence, at a set price, is all you need to deploy Power Manager.