condition type

condition type Element: Types of condition.

condition type choice of [boolean|delayed boolean|days|date range|time range|execute external|full screen|sample|running processes|power assertions|power state|battery health|power remaining|sun|inactive|console user|start up|audio mute|audio volume]



Continue if the boolean value is true.

delayed boolean

Continue if the bool value is true; delayed.


Continue if the current day of the week is listed.

date range

Continue if today is within the given range of dates.

time range

Continue if time now is within given range.

execute external

Continue if the executable returns successfully.

full screen

Continue if the a display is captured for full screen use.


Continue if the sample concludes successfully.

power assertions

Continue if power assertions are set.

power state

Continue if power state is matched.

battery health

Continue if the battery health is matched.

power remaining

Continue if the power remaining is matched.


Continue if the position of the Sun is matched.


Continue if user inactivity is matched.

console user

Continue if the primary console has a user.

start up

Continue if seconds elapsed since start up is matched.

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