power source filter

power source filter Structure: A profile for filtering power source changes.

power source filter structure
transport type power source type: optional
name string: optional, length 1..1024
comparison comparison
options array of comparison option: optional, unique
charging boolean: optional


A computer can have multiple power sources. Power sources can be responsible for a wide range of properties changes and events. The ability to filter these changes is important to allow triggers and conditions to support specific situations involving specific power sources.


transport type

Trigger only if the power source's type matches.

Use this field to filter power sources by their connection to the host computer. By specifying a transport type of network, only changes to network connected power sources will trigger the trigger.


Trigger only if the power source's name matches.


How should the name be compared to the power source name.


Comparison options allowing fine control over the comparison method.


Trigger only if the power source's charging matches.

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