trigger daily

trigger daily Structure: Trigger at a given time on given days of the week.

trigger daily structure
seconds from midnight integer
days array of days: length 1..7
availability power: optional
scatter scatter: optional
quiet quiet: optional
drift drift: optional


daily trigger will trigger when the time reaches seconds from midnight on the days provided.


seconds from midnight

Seconds past midnight to trigger.

The trigger's time is measured in seconds from midnight. Where 0 seconds equals midnight.

Calculate seconds from midnight using the following formula:

  • seconds from midnight = (hours x (60 x 60)) + (minutes x 60)
  • 5:30 am = (5 x (60 x 60)) + (30 x 60) = 19800 seconds from midnight
  • 2:23 pm = (14 x (60 x 60)) + (23 x 60) = 51780 seconds from midnight


Days of the week to trigger.


Should the host be made available for this trigger.


Scatter the date.


Minimise the notifications.


Acceptable drift.

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