trigger notification

trigger notification Structure: Trigger on receiving a notification.

trigger notification structure
scope scope: optional
notification notification
context array of notification context: optional


Notifications are messages sent by processes on a host. A notification can be sent by any process. That process can be owned by any user.

The notification mechanism is built upon Apple's CoreFoundation CFNotificationCenter implementation, and mirrored in Objective-C by NSNotificationCenter.

Notification triggers are an easy way to trigger the engine and recommended for use by others looking to integration their solutions.



Observe notifications within this scope.

Only notifications posted with the observed scope will cause the action to continue.


Notification to observe.

Process wide notifications are posted as strings. Notifications should follow a reverse domain name format to avoid namespace collisions.


Continue if notification's context contains this context.

A notification can be accompanied by a context dictionary. If the action includes a context, only notifications matching the notification and containing the context will cause the action to continue.

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