queued warning

queued warning Structure: Host wide warning.

queued warning structure
date date
action ID unique ID
action action: optional
event event
message string: optional
context array of notification context: optional


queued warning describes an imminent action that will affect the host and all active users.

queued warning is generated by an action warning within an event's actions.



date the action will perform.

date will be a few seconds away. Interested clients should respond quickly the new queued warning instances.

action ID

Unique ID for this warning.


Action that will be performed.

Warning clients should use action as the basis of any user facing message. message and context are provided by the event's creator and may not be accurate.

If action is missing, the action warning that generated this instance is the final action in the event's actions.


event containing this action warning.


Warning message.


Additional context for warning clients.