pmdctl, kPMAPI_Pmdctl — Primary interface for the Power Manager Engine.




Primary interface for the Power Manager Engine.

This interface is the primary interface for PME. The interface provides the greatest control over the engine.


pmdctl provides the following objects and requests:

  • Notifications - All pending events and their notifications.

    current - Notifying date and time based triggers with events.
    warning - Warnings of host affecting actions.
    warning period - Seconds to display warnings.
    notify period - Seconds to display notifications.
    set warning period - Set the seconds to display warnings.
    set notify period - Sets seconds before an Event the user is notified.
  • Scheduler - Coordinates the events, triggers, conditions, and actions.

    enabled - Can events be triggered.
    pending - Date and time based triggers with events.
    active - Active events.
    assistants - Local assistant signatures.
    set enabled - Set the Scheduler's enabled state.
    cancel - Cancel a pending queued trigger.
    adjust - Adjust a pending trigger date.
    reset - Reset a pending trigger.
  • Authorisation - Authorisation control for requests and functionality.

    rights - Defined rights.
    apply right - Set a rule for a right.
  • Power - Power source details.

    sources - Known sources of power.
  • Time Zone - Local time zone details

    name - name
    UTC offset - UTC offset in seconds
  • Legal - Legal and licensing details.

    licence - Engine's licence details.
    license - Set the licence details.
    revoke - Remove all licence information.
  • Event Store - Stores, organises, and tracks events.

    events - Available events that can be triggered or performed.
    store - Store zero or more events.
    remove - Remove an event.
    history - Event history.
  • Astronomic - Astronomical calculator.

    sun observation - Calculate the time and date for an astronomical sun event.
  • Log - Audit logging.

    recent - Audit log tail.
    filter level - Filtering out log messages with levels lower than this.
    set filter level - Set the filter level for new log messages.
  • Listen - Configures and controls incoming network connections.

    sockets - Sockets the engine accepts incoming connections on.
    ??? - Sources provide the engine with centrally managed schedules.
    ??? - Options applied to all sources.
    apply socket - Set a socket to listen for incoming connections on.
    remove socket - Remove a socket.
  • On Demand - On demand events can be performed immediately.

    available - Available on demand events.
    perform - Perform an event's actions.
  • Client - Host details.

    computer name - Computer's name.
    local host name - Computer's local host name.
    ethernet address - Primary ethernet address.
    ethernet addresses - All ethernet addresses.
    machine model - Machine's model type.
  • Build - Engine meta-data.

    version - Engine's release version.
    revision - Engine's revision number.
    restart - Restart the engine and associated processes.