application behaviour, applicationbehaviour, kPMElementApplicationBehaviour — Application launch behaviours.


application behaviour : string, choice


Application launch behaviours.

application behaviour is a string. application behaviour must be one of the following six constants:

  • print, kPMElementApplicationBehaviour_Print. Print the documents being opened.
  • exclude from Recent Items, kPMElementApplicationBehaviour_ExcludeFromRecentItems. Do not include the application in the Finder's Recent Items menu.
  • in background, kPMElementApplicationBehaviour_InBackground. Launch the application in the background.
  • new instance, kPMElementApplicationBehaviour_NewInstance. Always launch a new instance of the application.
  • untrusted, kPMElementApplicationBehaviour_Untrusted. Note the application and documents as untrusted.
  • visual errors, kPMElementApplicationBehaviour_VisualErrors. Display launch errors in the user interface.